Jewish Weddings

Jewish wedding and food

A Jewish wedding is the the cornerstone in a Jewish life cycle. It is usually a great cause for celebration.

The best way of celebrating modern wedding ceremonies is the power to make them look traditional. For the professional planner apart from ensuring there is Jewish music, they incorporate traditional Jewish wedding food.

Given that traditional Jewish wedding food is usually available in most parts of the world, there is the need to enjoy the ultimate taste that is in them. Traditional Jewish wedding food is among the kosher foods that have been enjoyed in all Jews generations. Given that traditional Jewish wedding food is to be taken by a lot of people, there is great supervision to prevent any possible contamination. The food usually varies depending on the background of the groom or the bride. There are some benefits associated with having traditional Jewish wedding food incorporated in your wedding. This article discusses in detail such benefits.


At foremost, the food is a sign of respect to the forefathers. Since this food was instituted ages ago, it is a sign of respect to reunion the community and the new married couple to their forefathers. During the sharing people are reminded of the achievement accomplished by the forefathers through the inspiration they got from feeding on this food.

Usually before the wedding, the bride and the groom usually fast as a sign of cleansing themselves before they are welcomed to their new life. They then take traditional Jewish wedding foodto mark the end of the cleansing period and show their preparation for the new life.


A symbol of teamwork.

Usually, the food is prepared by a group of people who work together to ensure the food is very safe for human consumption by strictly observing the Jewish dietary laws.

Through teamwork, people are reminded of the importance to appreciate the contribution and efforts of every person in society. Again the cohesion is strengthened since old and young share a common platform. The sharing of the food brings the relatives from both sides to a common table where they share and know each other.

Another benefit why it is essential to maintain the food is to maintain a holy life. The food is kosher meaning it is clean and pure for human consumption. The essence of kosher food is to prevent people from becoming unclean from eating unclean foods and sparking holiness to their being. Through this traditional food, Jews are given a chance to reflect on their relationship with their God.

The food is also a mark of graduation from young adults to parenthood.

At the sharing the marrying couple is informed of their responsibilities and how to maintain their love through sharing meals.

The traditional Jewish wedding food has a lot of meaning among Jews apart from the few mentioned above. Indeed it is a major component that has not to be left out by any culture minded people.